Global Strategic Management

Til jouw bedrijfsstrategie naar een hoger niveau met en dit Engelstalig boek / e-book rond marketing strategie

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Global Strategic Management 3e provides a clear insight into the corporate strategies of organizations operating on a global scale and explains the analysis, decision-making, and development processes behind securing competitive advantage. Every chapter offers a diverse range of case studies designed to illustrate strategic management theory in a real-world context, as well as encourage critical reflection and discussion of key ideas. Examples range from large international organizations including Ikea, Google, and Ferrari, to the strategies of businesses from emerging and developing economies such as China, Poland, and Nigeria. Key concept boxes, further reading, and discussion questions ensure students can check their progress and develop their understanding throughout. As a result, the book equips the reader with a firm grasp of the core concepts required for academic success and develops those critical thinking and decision-making skills that are essential for future employment. Online Resource Centre Global Strategic Management 3e is supported by a fully integrated Online Resource Centre. For students: – Test your understanding and receive instant feedback with our range of multiple-choice questions – Connect to relevant management sites, resources, and videos using chapter-by-chapter weblinks For registered lecturers: – Adapt PowerPoint slides as a basis for lecture presentations, or use as handouts in class – Guide class debate with suggested solutions to the discussion questions from the book – Get the most from the book’s case studies with end of chapter case study solutions

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Jedrzej George Frynas, Kamel Mellahi




Strategisch Management

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