MSAE Framework: A Guide for Business Planning and Strategy

Til jouw bedrijfsstrategie naar een hoger niveau met en dit Engelstalig e-book rond strategieplanning, strategietools

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Today more than ever there is an onslaught of distractions grasping for your attention, your to-do list is growing faster than you can keep up with, your schedule is overbooked. By the end of the week you’re exhausted only to have next week knocking on your door with more unexpected surprises. Do you find yourself always busy but not completing the most important tasks? If this sounds familiar you’re not alone, this is the life of many well-intentioned entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals across the globe that are caught up in the daily grind. MSAE Framework is designed to help entrepreneurs, business owners and business professionals develop effective strategies and action plans to accomplish organizational objectives. This book will go step-by-step through the planning process from mission creation to implementation and evaluating the results of the project or plan. Whether your attempting to start a new business, execute a project or launch a new product this book will give you techniques to help identify the most valuable objectives and execute these objectives to get the results you desire. I would encourage all readers to read this book because there are tips that are applicable to varying career paths and personal interests, however the individuals who stand to gain the most from this eBook are; entrepreneurs, small business owners, aspiring business owners, business leaders and individual contributors. This book provides techniques, tips and a guide to identifying and tackling the most important objectives. Today’s business climate is volatile and in a constant state of disruption, it is critical for business leaders to eliminate distractions and focus on areas in their market and business that are of value to their customers. Without a clear focus of what is important and a plan to accomplish objectives; run the risk of becoming obsolete and are left to follow the endless list of fads and trends in hopes of finding their next big break.

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