Practical Strategic Management

Til jouw bedrijfsstrategie naar een hoger niveau met en dit Engelstalig boek / e-book rond strategisch management

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Many theoretical as well as practical books on management theory analyze a range of subjects from strategic management to business strategy, competitive strategy, marketing management, strategic marketing, one-to-one marketing, consumer behaviorism, growth strategy, functional strategy, and technology management. In addition, there are also many how-to books on strategy formulation.

But not many books on the topic are written with a step-by-step guide on making practical strategic management decisions. The author presents 15 steps that combine strategy and marketing aspects in business. The steps are presented systematically and holistically. Readers will be able to maintain the “big picture” perspective, while being able to dive deep into each step. The guide is not written for “ideal situations” in business. Much attention is given to being aware of market trends, business competition, and the limitations of resources, to be able to apply practical strategic thinking in business.


The Essence of Strategic Management:

• Elements of Strategic Management
• Causes of Disconnect between Strategy
• Strategic Management is a Scenario
• Flow and Elements of Strategic
• Contingency Approach in Strategic Management

15 Steps of Strategic Management for Creating Attractive Strategic Options:

• Corporate Strategy
• Business Strategy
• Performance Results
• Summary of the Key Points

Case Study:

• Overview of the Case
• Innovation of EMS
• Japanese Monozukuri (Shop-floor Production) Culture and Digitalization
• Competitive Strategy: Benefits to Offer and Forms to Deliver Benefits
• Practical Exercises

Creating Presentation Material:

• Combine the Strategic Elements Effective
• Create a Scenario and List Up Hypotheses Included in It
• Revise the Scenario Using the Pyramid Structure — Express with Three Blocks: Why, What, and How
• Narrow Down the Key Points and Create a Summary
• Points in Presentation: Simple, Logical and Passionate

Readership: Management level personnel of companies, business owners and strategists looking for a detailed and holistic step-by-step guide to further improve their decision making in business.

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Eiichi (Eric) Kasahara





Strategisch Management

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