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Til jouw bedrijfsstrategie naar een hoger niveau met en dit Engelstalig boek rond strategieplanning, algemeen

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Direction, Destination, and Decisions are the outcomes of strategic planning, a process used to formulate strategy by helping leaders and employees to define their organization’s path, their desired future, and the actions required to move forward. This work presents a series of illustrations, cases, and lessons learned from strategy formation and strategic planning experiences in private and public organizations. Each topic begins with a concise lesson learned, followed by the rationale, and a real-life illustration in a public or private organization. The reasons for assessing current strengths and weaknesses are explained along with competitor analysis, planner roles, vision development, strategic options, and progress reviews. Over one hundred illustrations and cases are featured with links to web sites to give the reader an opportunity to understand how these concepts are put into practice. The reader-friendly design and format enables executives, managers, and students to use the materials for continuous assessment and improvement of their own organizations.

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James T. Ziegenfuss, Jr.




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