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Strategic planning requires evaluating the past, understanding the present and predicting the future. To do this, you need to have “diamond eyes.” Strategic Planning: Using Diamond Eyes to See the Future explores some of the strategic analysis that needs to take place. A SWOT analysis is not very beneficial unless an accompanying TOWS analysis is completed. Traditional two-dimensional thinking that we normally use throughout the day, such as “yes or no” or “right or wrong,” is not sufficient for “outside-of-the-box” strategic thinking.

In this book, Scott Romeo – THE STRATEGY EXPERT(r), describes over 25 strategies that can be used.
Should your organization be “effective” or “efficient” right now?
Is it best to be a “low-cost,” ‘best-value” or “high-cost” provider today?
Does establishing goals actually hinder progress?
Strategic Planning: Using Diamond Eyes to See the Future, helps illustrate that goals are not strategies.

They are anticipated outcomes or end results. Too many organizations concentrate on goals when they should be concentrating on the strategies and tactics that drive the organization. You will look at strategy from a different perspective after reading this book.

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