Strategy in the Digital Age

Til jouw bedrijfsstrategie naar een hoger niveau met en dit Engelstalig boek rond strategie innovatie

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In this comprehensive playbook, Strategy in the Digital Age: How to Disrupt or Respond to Disruptors, boards, CEOs, business leaders, executives, MBAs, consultants, incumbents, and startups will master the game-changing strategies for winning through rare insights, practical strategy and disruption frameworks, such as ”The Disruption Barometer for Strategic Responses” and ”The Strategy Equation.”Incumbents will discover the powerful tools for beating disruptors and challengers at their own game while building the agile, digital, and analytics capabilities to deliver the sought-after customer experiences to become future-readyStartups and challengers will learn how to upend an industry leader in our networked world through our systematic framework ”The 5-Step Model to Disrupting a Digital Platform Leader”Companies will discover the time-tested approaches to be digital-first firms while discovering the pitfalls and roadblocks hindering their digital transformation across industries such as banking, health care, and retail through several case studies spanning industries, countries, and continentsFintechs (mobile banking and payment firms, etc.) will learn the key insights to disrupt the financial industry verticals and win in an increasingly fragmented landscape. Banks will discover what they need to respond to the emerging challengers wanting to eat their lunchKey players across the health care ecosystems will deepen their understanding of the disruptive forces and what strategies they need to thrive rather than survive in the emerging yet competitive digital health care across the globeBusiness leaders will master how to build a winning culture for the digital age to execute their strategies through case studies of Amazon and SoftBank. In addition, they will discover several data-driven models for aligning their culture to their strategies
Indeed, in today’s dangerous and unpredictable geopolitical environment, where trade war is becoming the new normal, businesses’ fates increasingly depend on just one tweet from a president, nonmarket forces such as Brexit, activists, and EU General Data Protection Regulations and Europe Second Payments Directive (PSD2) can create winners and losers across industries such as banking overnight – CEOs and other business leaders need a new dynamic formula to win. Market strategies alone as taught in many business schools are no longer enough; firms need to scale agility regarding what they can control at the firm level and build a dynamic scenario planning for our volatile, uncertain, ambiguous, and complex (VUCA) world. Yet they need nonmarket strategies to deter potential threats from nonmarket actors before they become a full-blown crisis or hamper their organization’s competitive edge. We will discuss all at these strategies, techniques, tools, and models in greater detail throughout the book.

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Strategie Innovatie

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