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Strategy: The Leader’s Role, defines the real role of a leader in business today. Leadership’s ultimate responsibility is for defining where the organization is going and why in an ever-changing world. Successful leaders work ON their business not IN it. Learning how to work on your business, not being dragged into it, this is the biggest challenge leader’s face in successfully leading their business. In Strategy: The Leader’s Role, leaders learn the core skills in how to work ON your business not IN it. The challenge for leaders of any organization face is how to be effective when working ON their business rather than being seen to be busy working in IT. When working on your business what to look for and how to learn to think strategically. Many leaders deal with the urgent not the important, they are too busy putting out fires rather than learning how to stop fires starting. In Strategy: The Leader’s Role, learn how to:
1. Take control of your business and its direction, providing you with your clear direction and where to focus your efforts to maximize your success.
2. Build your strategy step-by-step using effective tools, and take control of where you are going with your business.
3. Understand how to lead your origination to where you want to take it within your market with effective steps.

With 21 chapters Strategy: The Leader’s Role, provides a complete toolkit for leader’s to build their own business strategy for their business. Knowing what to do at each step in building your model for success is what makes this book an essential toolkit for any leader. Inside this book are the techniques which successful leaders use to drive their business forward. Tools and techniques which provide leaders with the certainty and provide them the confidence to lead their organisation forward with the knowledge and understanding of their market, where they want to be in that market and how they intend to successfully compete within it. Richard Gourlay shares his knowledge of how he enables leaders to succeed within their market, getting them to focus on what they want to achieve and showing them how to do it in simple clear and effective steps in driving their business to success. The book builds with you a complete strategic picture of your market and how you want to succeed within it, this book is an essential guide to any new and aspiring leader to read and use in their daily role of running their business.

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