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Synergy Strategic Planning is an easy-to-implement, powerful 4-step process that demonstrates how to achieve extraordinary success through high-performance teams focused on a shared destiny. Synergy Strategic Planning focuses on integrating people, systems, and structure, thus directing them toward a predetermined, worthwhile vision a clear set of believable and livable values and Transformational, Exciting, Authentic, Measurable (TEAM) goals. The core principle of Synergy Strategic Planning is that organizational effectiveness is achieved through committed leaders who see the organization as a whole, and that change happens quickly through empowered individuals working in teams toward a shared destiny.

The Synergy Strategic Planning 4-step Process is as follows:
Step One: Creating an Internal Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Core Values, and Goal Plan;
Step Two: How to Complete a Detailed SWOT Analysis;
Step Three: Execution Essentials; and
Step Four: What Gets Measured Gets Done.Synergy Strategic Planning is Essential Piece # 2 and a companion handbook for Synergizing Your Business The 5 Essential Pieces for High-Performance. A Series of Business Books, Seminars, and Workshops.

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