The Simple Side Of Strategic Management

Til jouw bedrijfsstrategie naar een hoger niveau met en dit Engelstalig e-book rond strategisch management

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How to make managing strategy easy and exciting

Learn to understand some of the more complex aspects of strategic management in a simpler context.

If you are interested in understanding strategic management in greater detail, but you are just not in the mood for those stale academic written, hard to understand, boring textbooks, then this book is just for you.

If you are simply looking for additional information and wish to supplement your existing knowledge in strategic management, well then this book is for you.

For the sake of covering both angles, this book includes the academic writing, as well as simpler written interpretations of the same information. The non-academic people amongst us, or simply those who will benefit from a simpler side of things can benefit none the less.

With a pinch of salt, a dash of garnish, this book will help you understand some of the in-depth parts of the strategic management paradigm.

You may at some parts feel that you have completely lost your way, but fear not. As I have, and many before us, you will survive the journeys into the paradigms of the business management empire.

You will learn about Strategic Management Principles and Concepts

Topics in this section deal with:

• Strategic Management Concepts and Principles
• Strategic Management
• Levels of Management
• Management Environments
• Importance of controlling the management process
• Components of the Leading Function
• Strategic Management in perspective
• Difference between Strategic, Tactical and Operational plans
• Difference between Internal and External Environments
• Strategic problem-solving
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Strategic Management In Practice
• Organizational Environments
• Mission Statement
• Strategy Evaluation (SAFe)

I am the founder of nextceo, a member of Mensa, a serial entrepreneur, specialist software engineer and the author of various business and information technology related articles and books. Additionally, I have authored and co-authored various other articles under pen names.
I have no doubt you will find this book of significant value. Scroll up and grab a copy now.

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Strategisch Management

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