The Strategy Execution Barometer

Til jouw bedrijfsstrategie naar een hoger niveau met en dit Engelstalig boek rond strategie-implementatie

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The Strategy Execution Barometer – Research Report 2009/2010 is the leading resource worldwide for practical, fact-based Strategy Execution market data. It provides the reader with up-to-date information to evaluate the execution capabilities of your organisation.

The Strategy Execution Barometer includes:
• Strategy Execution data from 1100+ companies, 36 countries and 29 sectors
• 30 key findings with experts’ comments
• 12 insights (to learn) from the best-in-class
• 53 figures with comprehensive market data
• Detailed gap analysis between average performers and the best-in-class

The Strategy Execution Barometer helps the reader to improve their Strategy Execution capabilities:
• Use the data to assess the cornerstones of sound Strategy Execution including strategy communication, strategic initiative management, individual objectives setting and pay-for-performance.
• Compare yourself with leading companies such as HSBC, GDFSuez, 3M, Johnson&Johnson and Google. The report covers all major industries including financial services, healthcare, professional services, manufacturing and FMCG.
• Use the information to build a solid action plan that will help to boost the execution capabilities on team, division or company level. Get new ideas to boost the performance management.
• Find out what leading companies are doing today to improve their performance management. Access the latest trends via 30 key findings analysed and commented by our experts.
• The Strategy Execution Barometer provides a wealth of inspiration to improve the performance management practice in any organisation.

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